Gerry A. Howze, Director of Program Services at PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.

"In putting it together, I marveled at how much we’ve achieved in spite of all the change that we’ve experienced in the last year! I hope you enjoy the read, and that it makes you feel as proud of the work we’ve done as we are."

Tammy Molter, Coalition Coordiantor at West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

"Thank you for your assistance and facilitation of last night’s Coalition Meeting. It was really a great meeting, with interesting insights, ideas and suggestions from the group. You did a great job coaxing ideas and information from the attendees and organizing the suggestions in the logic model."

Susette Urbashich, Director, Rogers InHealth

"Love the model!! A great visual and tool. And those around me at the recent meeting expressed similar sentiments."