IMPACT raises community consciousness about risky drinking and promotes healthy lifestyles.


IMPACT Awareness

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Changing a community's culture doesn't happen over night, especially when you're talking about the drinking culture in Wisconsin. But alcohol's role in the special occasions and daily habits of our lives has made drinking its own tradition, and drinking to get drunk a celebrated ritual. People in our state have lost perspective of what is considered normal, and view the consequences as acceptable.

Risky Drinking Is Limiting Our Potential

"Do as I say, not as I do" is a flawed prevention strategy. If we want younger generations to inherit safer and healthier attitudes toward alcohol, we need better role models. IMPACT is targeting people of legal drinking age who drink in ways, or at times, that pose significant risk to themselves and others.

Designated Drivers Only Protect You From One Risk

Risky drinkers are more likely to land in the hospital, encounter financial and legal problems, and experience personal crises such as unemployment or divorce. This campaign broadens the scope of risky drinking beyond the issue of drinking and driving.

Helping People "Connect The Dots"

Many people drink beyond what is safe without even realizing it. The goal of the stop drinking [SO MUCH] wisconsin campaign is to help people "connect the dots" between their risky drinking behaviors and any problems they're having in life. We want people to be able to identify a problem before it reaches a crisis, and to know that IMPACT is a reliable resource if they're concerned about themselves or a loved one.

Wisconsin On Tap

It’s no laughing matter that many of us drink so much. The illustrated series is designed to promote the stop drinking [SO MUCH] wisconsin campaign in a way that captures people’s attention and starts a dialog. Access the sketches here.

We gratefully acknowledge our partners for their generous support:

Aurora Better Together Fund
Forest County Potawatomi Foundation
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