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Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.

“You helped me keep my home. What’s more, you restored my hope.”

Late one evening, Olivia came home to find a 20-day notice to vacate taped onto her front door. Worried that she would soon be homeless, she dialed 211 and was connected to David, an IMPACT 211 community resource specialist. Olivia, a Dane County resident, relayed that she was behind in her rent, but had always been able to work things out with her landlord when she fell behind in the past. Olivia was caught off guard that her landlord hadn’t reached out to her before taking eviction actions.

David scheduled an appointment for eviction mediation for Olivia and provided several contacts for possible rent assistance. He also offered multiple resources that might help her reduce other expenses, such as utility and water bills. By the end of the call, the desperation in Olivia’s voice had lessened, and she said that she was feeling “hopeful” for the first time in a long while.

In addition to providing 24/7 coverage for 211 throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, the IMPACT 211 program takes after-hours, weekend, and holiday calls for many other 211 regions throughout the state. During every call, we address a caller’s primary need, assess for secondary needs, and provide as many appropriate resources as possible.

Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.

“Our daughter needed help. Turns out, we did too. Thank you for understanding addiction!”

Ron and Melissa called IMPACT 211 desperate for resources for their adult daughter, Desiree. She was due to be released from prison in a few days after serving time for actions stemming from long-term alcohol abuse. 

Sensing their anxiety and agitation, Ryan, an IMPACT 211 community resource specialist, worked to quickly deescalate Ron and Melissa’s emotions by speaking calmly and slowly, and reassuring them he would do all that he could to help. 

To ease confusion and better focus the conversation, Ryan asked to speak with just one person. Melissa stayed on the phone and Ron remained nearby to offer support. Ryan assured Melissa that parenting adult children living with addiction can be a difficult journey. He then asked key questions to better understand their unique situation. Soon, he could hear the calm returning to Melissa’s voice. And as she relayed information to Ron, both parents began to relax.  

Ryan provided resources that Ron and Melissa could offer to Desiree, and helped them understand that they couldn’t force their daughter to do anything. He then suggested resources for family counseling — something that Ron and Melissa had not considered but were eager to explore.  

At IMPACT, we know that addiction affects the whole family. By looking beyond their initial requests for help for Desiree, Ryan provided the best possible service to Ron and Melissa.

Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.

“Gracias IMPACT 211. Mi familia está muy agradecida.”

Worried about feeding her three young children, Janice called IMPACT 211 and was connected to Lynn, a bilingual IMPACT community resource specialist. Lynn quickly assured Janice that she was there to help and together they identified the best possible area resources. Lynn found several food pantries close to Janice’s home, including one that was still open that day and another that would be open the next morning. She texted the pantry information so that Janice could easily locate the resources whenever she needed them. 

Before ending the conversation, Lynn assessed Janice for other needs and shared information about the Affordable Connectivity Program which provides free internet, and scheduled her for an Energy Assistance Program appointment the following week.  

At IMPACT, we strive to go beyond the limitations of a single call. Our skilled staff, advanced technology, and community partnerships ensure our callers access the critical connections they need to change their lives for good.

Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.

Thanks for making it easy to get answers. We know our next steps now.

“Thank you for contacting IMPACT 211, a community resource specialist will be with you shortly.” 

That was the greeting Micah received when he clicked “Start Chat!” on the IMPACT website. Within minutes, he was talking with Alana, an IMPACT 211 professional. Micah had reached out to IMPACT on behalf of Elsa, a family friend who was worried that she was in danger of losing her home. Micah wanted to provide information to Elsa to help ease her anxiety about what to expect when, and if, she needed to contact IMPACT 211 herself. 

With his friend at his side, Micah asked Alana key questions about Elsa’s options. Her situation wasn’t urgent yet, and Elsa was soon able to relax knowing that resources were available to help her avoid homelessness. 

At IMPACT, we make it convenient and simple to access assistance. Our 211 services are available by call, text, or chat to individuals directly or to those reaching out on their behalf.  

Once connected to 211, highly trained specialists like Alana assess a caller’s needs and make referrals to a vast database of resources. IMPACT has strong partnerships with a wide range of community organizations and nonprofit agencies to ensure that we have the information and resources to fully address whatever a caller needs.

Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.

“It was one of the best calls I’ve ever made.”

After two weeks with no electricity, a neighbor suggested Natalie call IMPACT 211. Rather than wait on the line for the next available community resource specialist, she opted to use IMPACT’s callback technology. Through this convenient feature, calls are returned in the order in which they are received. Just 12 minutes later, Jessie returned Natalie’s call and assured her that she was there to help.

Jessie began by addressing the most urgent need — restoring utilities for the household, which consisted of Natalie, her 5-year-old daughter, and her elderly father, a military veteran. She scheduled an appointment for Natalie the very next day with the Energy Assistance Program. After assessing Natalie for other possible needs, Jessie provided a variety of additional community resources that could help the struggling family. 

Natalie represents just one of hundreds of individuals who reach out to IMPACT every day. With a goal to respect the time and dignity of every individual, our skilled specialists can be reached by phone, callback technology, text, or online chat.

Tu apoyo puede ayudarnos a cambiar vidas para siempre todos los días.



Antes de llamar a IMPACT 211, Josiah había perdido casi toda esperanza de encontrar una nueva nevera para su familia. La antigua estaba rota y no podía repararla ni encontrar una nueva o usada que pudiera pagar.

Maya, una especialista en recursos comunitarios de IMPACT 211, proporcionó varios recursos posibles de electrodomésticos que Josiah aún no había contactado. Después de evaluar si había alguna otra necesidad y no encontrar ninguna, le envió la información por mensaje de texto.

Durante una llamada de seguimiento, Josiah compartió que pudo comprar una nueva nevera a través de una de las opciones que Maya había proporcionado. Se reevaluó para ver si tenía nuevas necesidades, pero no había ninguna, solo un recordatorio de que el 211 está disponible 24/7 por si algo cambia.

Las llamadas de seguimiento permiten a IMPACT asegurarse de que los recursos que proporcionamos realmente ayudan a las personas a cambiar sus vidas para siempre. Nuestra amplia base de datos de recursos se actualiza y gestiona constantemente por un equipo apasionado y profesional.