I called 2-1-1 and they helped me out with everything. 

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After Trenton’s mother got sick, he reduced his hours to be her full-time caregiver. As a result, he no longer qualified for his own health insurance. IMPACT is a proud community partner with United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County, which supports the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership. Together, we ensure that people like Trenton get connected to quality health care resources such as the Bread of Healing Clinic.

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I have no doubt I may have froze to death. 

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IMPACT is a community partner with Milwaukee County, Community Advocates and UMOS in helping low-income households access emergency furnace repair or replacement services; as well as apply for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program. This letter was shared with IMPACT 2-1-1 by the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services as a way to acknowledge the impact our successful collaboration has on people in our community.

“I don’t have any other way to say Thank You for your help on February 25, 2016. Without your help, I have no doubt I may have froze to death.  All the people who came to my house were beyond very concerned and considerate. They were all very polite and wasted no time in replacing my furnace and I am so grateful for what I received as there was no one else I could have turned to, to get help. God was on my side when He sent you people to me. I am 73 with many, many medical problems and truly would not have survived without your help and kindness.  Without a dime to my name and scared and confused and had no idea I would have gotten such help. Again, thank all of you for helping me.”


Alcohol doesn’t run my life anymore. 

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"I’m 29-years old and my drug of choice was alcohol. I had a problem and it got out of control. I had been wanting to get help but I didn’t know who to reach out to. I guess that was my only outlet to get help – when I got in trouble. Not the right way, I know. I was referred to IMPACT by the court system. They gave me a few numbers but I decided to call IMPACT.

Alcohol doesn’t do anything but hurt your body. I’ve had family members pass away due to that and I don’t want to follow that same path. It’s hard. You have your good days if you have support. But even if you have support, there are bad days. It’s really the cravings and the power that the drug has on you. When I woke up in the morning still buzzed, I’d just keep going. If I hadn’t made the decision to reach out to IMPACT, I’d still be drinking and I probably would have gotten in much worse trouble with the police by now.

I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down with the counselor. I just knew I needed to do something and I hoped that she wouldn’t treat me like a number. She was very professional and took her time. When I think back to our conversation, I learned a lot about myself and how I treated people. The bad times were my fault. When I think about the time that I was incarcerated, it was because alcohol played a big part in my life.

Trying to change is not easy. I found IMPACT really helpful. Some people talk to a counselor just to make the courts happy; but there are some people like me who actually want to have a sober lifestyle and not have alcohol run their life. Alcohol doesn’t run my life anymore."


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