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Thank you for everything

By Michael G. Davis, President and CEO

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as a leader of IMPACT. I could not have done it without the steadfast support of many people including wise board members, dedicated staff, committed community stakeholders, engaged program partners, and generous funders. We have accomplished so much together. Most noteably:

Facilitating two seamless mergers. The first happened in 1984 when the Milwaukee Council on Alcoholism merged with the Milwaukee Council on Drug Abuse to unite our prevention and intervention efforts. The second occurred in 2013 when the Planning Council for Health and Human Services merged with IMPACT because we shared a commitment to improve community conditions by advancing the use of good data and information.

Securing designation as the local 2-1-1 service provider. In 2000, the United Way of Greater Milwaukee approached the organization about a new national initiative that aimed to provide 3-digit telephone access to local family, health and social services. At that time, we had already built a solid reputation as an information and referral provider with the Underground Switchboard, Community Information Line and other telephonic helplines. After a thorough application process and a petition to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, IMPACT was designated as the local 2-1-1 provider. As 2-1-1 expanded throughout the state and a governing board was formed, I was elected the first president of 2-1-1 Wisconsin.

Expanding a small, local non-profit into a 9-county regional service provider. The Milwaukee Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence’s operating budget was approximately $2 million throughout the 1990s. IMPACT’s current budget is approximately $5 million. This allows us to connect nearly 300,000 people with services which help maintain stability, restore health, enhance productivity and foster system improvement. I believe this is significant, but not only from the numbers standpoint. IMPACT has cultivated an approach to customer service which is unrivaled. Every person who comes into contact with an IMPACT service is treated with respect, and is provided with the motivation and means to achieve positive, sustained change.

Launching the ‘Stop Drinking [SO MUCH] Wisconsin’ awareness campaign. Changing a community’s culture doesn’t happen overnight, especially when you’re talking about the drinking culture in Wisconsin. But we are committed to helping people connect the dots between their risky drinking behaviors and the problems they’re having in life – before it reaches a crisis – and to trust that IMPACT is a reliable resource if they’re concerned about themselves or a loved one.

When I began my 32-year career with this organization, I could have never imagined the possibilities that lie ahead. It is exciting to think about all of the new possibilities that IMPACT will explore in the months and years to come. Please continue to support IMPACT’s mission. I promise you’ll continue to be proud of the results.

Best wishes,
Michael G. Davis